Birthing A Baby Is Like Birthing An Idea

“If you can touch it, you can push it”, is what it says in "The Doula Book". I vividly remember reading that sentence and feeling like WOE! One of the concepts that must be applied in manifestation is that if you can imagine it, it can happen in real time. In fact, it already happened. One of my favorite affirmations is, “It's happening now”. Meaning that, as soon as you close your eyes and imagine something, it already happened right there in the NOW moment. Knowing this solidifies the idea that you can always experience whatever you want, because it's right “there” within the darkness of your mind. Your subconscious does not know the difference between now and later. Therefore, “If you can touch it, you can push it”.

As I was reading "The Doula Book", by John H. Kennell, Marshall H. Klaus, and Phyllis H. Klaus, I started to make connections between birthing a baby and birthing an idea. This was not a new thought for me as this is what I teach in the Self Realization Of A Goddess course. However, what was new to me is the similarity between a meta-physician and a birth doula. Many meta-physicians don't correlate the womb with the mind, and so there is a connection between metaphysics and the womb that is greatly overlooked. Understanding metaphysics can be beneficial when it comes to birthing anything, whether that is birthing a baby or an idea. As a Cosmic Birth Doula and a metaphysician I can give guidance on either one. Here are 4 ways a Cosmic Birth Doula and a metaphysician are similiar.


One of the first things I learned as a doula is to use visualization as a technique for distraction in early labor. This is the stage of labor where a woman is having contractions but they are not super intense. A doula's role is to help a laboring woman get their mind focused on a place OTHER than the pain they are having. They might ask the mother to visualize themselves on a beach dipping their toes in the water. They may even have the sounds of a beach playing in the background while describing what she wants the mother to see, smell, hear, feel etc. A metaphysician may also spend time encouraging you to use your imagination. Visualization plays a big role in manifestation. When one does their visualization exercise for manifestation, they should get so lost in their mind that they can begin to FEEL it as if it's happening now. The goal of both birth doula and metaphysician is to get you to go deeply into your imagination so that you can recreate your "now".


A doula helps the mother release oxytocin. Oxytocin is known as the love hormone. The baby will have an easier time coming down the birth canal if mom is feeling relaxed. In my doula training, we were constantly reminded that a baby comes out in a similar manner that it went it. Because oxytocin helps the body relax, it will allow a woman to feel safe with a man, which in turn gives him the green light to penetrate her. It is this same hormone which is released during labor, which gives the baby the green light to come down the birth canal. Both mom and baby have to feel safe, relaxed, and loved. It is the same concept when desiring to birth an idea.

One must trust the birthing process, whether it is a baby or an idea. Lack of trust produces fear. A meta-physician might help you deal with fear, stress or anxiety by giving you strategies on approaching those negative feelings. Most times, knowledge can help reduce fear. A doula provides knowledge by keeping the mother informed about where she is in the birthing process. For example, she may inform the mother that it may be too early to go to the hospital because the labor pains are not really that intense. This may help keep her from going into panic mode with the slightest hint of a contraction. A metaphysician may help remind you that the littlest manifestations are like the contractions that come before the full blown idea is manifested. She may provide knowledge of the process which can help you deal with fear and anxiety. A reduction in fear can increase the love hormone


A doula can help increase confidence and self esteem in mom before, during and after labor. They often remind the woman that other women have done this for many years and that there is nothing abnormal about their labor or their pain. The doula and mom may create a positive chant that they say during every contraction. They may also remind the woman of how strong and brave they are while encouraging them to keep going. “You're going to meet your creation soon”, is what I told my first doula client. A metaphysician can do the same thing. They will remind you of your divine connection to the all. They also teach and preach faith in universal law. Putting our confidence in the law of the universe, enables us to maintain a positive attitude. When we know that the universe is bound to produce an idea as long as faith is behind it, then we can walk with a sense of knowing that everything will work out just as it should. When we are working to birth an idea, just as a woman is working to birth a baby, we need reminders of not only our own strength but also the power of the universe within.

Counter Pressure

A doula applies counter pressure to a woman's back during labor. Some women experience intense labor and back pain as the baby comes down the birth canal. A doula might use the palm of their hand to apply counter pressure to the lower back. They might also use a back massager. It depends on which one the client responds more favorably to. But how does a metaphysician do this same thing? Usually when someone is working toward manifesting an idea, they will compare themselves to something external. This can manifest feeling of doubt, insecurity, and sometimes even jealousy. A metaphysician's job is to remind you of the illusion of the external realm. The external realm is to be enjoyed but also not taken so seriously. Therefore, a metaphysician applies counter pressure by constantly reminding you that when you focus more on the external then the internal you will open the door up for negative feelings. The purpose of a metaphysician's counter pressure is to push you back towards the esoteric realm. Not so much that you lose touch with reality, but just enough not to allow negative emotions to deter you from your dreams.

There are many other similarities between a metaphysician and a birth doula. Having a Cosmic Birth Doula is the best way to get both in one. A Cosmic Birth Doula cannot only assist you in the birth of your child, but she can also work with you towards general healing, knowledge of self and understanding of self realization.

To inquire about working with me as either a birth doula or a metaphysician please email me at

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