About me

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My Philosophy

By the divine birth right which is given by the universe, every woman deserves to labor in peace and in perfect harmony with the universe. Not only should she labor in peace but her entire pregnancy and birth experience should be very intentional. 

When a woman has the epiphany that the creation of a child is the act of a creator, she will realize exactly how much creative power she has over many other areas of her life. Every woman has the birth right, designated by the universe to express her creative energy as she pleases. There should be very little disrupting in what is designed to naturally occur except in cases of an extreme emergency. My role as a doula is to be a strong reminder of her physical and mental strength, her natural rights, and her connection to the universe within. 

Every woman deserves the freedom to have the birthing experience that they desire. It is my duty to assist with that as much as possible. It is my duty to help women though the birthing process.

My Story

My name is Reverend Kimesha McDowell aka Rev BlaQ Fire. In 2013, I started to awaken my spiritual self by asking myself many questions about my purpose and wondering about why I am here. Over time, I noticed that I had a gift for seeing the hidden meaning in words. This gift took me down a path of developing a deep interest in understanding universal law and the cosmos. As I studied universal law, I began to notice the correlation between the womb and the universe.



During this transition, I became fascinated with the concept and connection between the womb and the mind. This is what inspired me to pursue becoming a doula. I enjoy talking and teaching about the process that mother nature takes us through in order to mature us. From there, the spiritual connection of the universe opened up to me. My spiritual connection became so deep that I started to literally hear messages as I fell asleep.These messages eventually led me down the path of making the decision to take the study of metaphysics seriously and actually pursue it full time.



Because of my passion for the womb I also decided to become a birth doula . I use my expertise in the womb, the mind and a woman's natural birth right to help women have an intentional birthing experience. I specifically focus on teaching woman the spiritual science of the womb, women empowerment and many other things through my online school . Lastly, I am now a full time Ordained Metaphysical Minister and graduate from the University Of Metaphysics. I specialize in Metaphysical Psychology. To learn more about how metaphysics connects to the womb click here.

My Training
Introduction to Childbirth for Doulas
DONA International

 Birth Doula Workshop

DONA International

Metaphysical Psychology M.Msc

University Of Metaphysics International